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EXSC/Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach/ Intern/ Team Member

AC Flora High School Strength and Conditioning

  • Protect • Provide professional, world-class Strength and Conditioning training and education to all athletes including individualized programs structured according to my Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) plan. • Manage the Kinduct Data Monitoring System to determine recovery and readiness status, record performance testing data and complete daily, weekly and seasonal reports. • Collaborate within Administration, Training and Performance Staff to build and support a complete High Performance system. • Assist in the development and implementation of a Community Wellness Program for the entire organization. • Perform a Needs Analysis for each athlete to determine proper exercise selection based upon individual movement efficiency and exercise technical proficiency. Make any appropriate modifications to the programs to allow for differentiated modifications. • Establish proper communication with the Administration, Athletic Training and Medical Staff to determine modifications (volume, load, movement, speed, and intensity), treatments, limitations, restrictions and status following injury or surgical care.
  • Move Well • Participate in an integrated Movement Screening System (Standard of Movement-Movement Screen & Dynamic Screen, Dynamic Balance-Y Balance Test, and Stress Testing- Vertical Jump Profile, Hop & Stop Test) • Gather data, prepare reports, analyze and track results-based upon movement screening process on a monthly basis and end of season review. • Apply appropriate movement efficiency and corrective exercises according to individualized movement profile.
  • Move Strong • Collaborate with the Coaching staff in order to develop a proper annual training plan according to the Yearly Schedule. • Utilize Tier System principles to create individual training programs specific to the needs of the athlete. • Apply the Auto-Regulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE) System and Velocity Based Training System when appropriate to each athlete per the LTAD Model. • Participate in the Testing/Evaluation Process including applying test, recording of data, and preparing reports of the assessments:
Palladium (previously Ark Hospice) Administrative Assistant

Ark Hospice

  • Stewards the philosophy/mission of Palladium (previously known as Ark Hospice) which focuses on overriding values of human dignity and respectful response to the needs of persons with life threatening/terminal and/or chronic illnesses.
  • Assist in implementing day-to-day functions of the office.
  • Prepare correspondence, reports, meeting, seminar & manual materials, and spreadsheets as needed or requested by the corporate office staff.
Apex Athletic Performance Team Member

Palmetto Health/USC Medical Group

  • Assist Apex Sports Performance Team with development of performance and return to play programming
  • Work with clients completing exercise training, while ensuring proper form and technique
  • Complete appropriate care and cleanliness requirements for a strength and conditioning facility
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